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Altai Kai - great throat singing

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  • Altai Kai - great throat singing

    A really great ensemble from the Altai republic
    some work is much more ambient that others, but I thought people may be interested

    They have a facebook page

    unfortunately it seems very difficult to buy their music

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    Love it, thanks. This is one of my faves from one of the Secret Museum of Mankind Comps:


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      Originally posted by Zach Zinn View Post
      Love it, thanks. This is one of my faves from one of the Secret Museum of Mankind Comps:
      a beauty - do you know these people dust-digital eg

      I have only just discovered them, sadly a bit broke at the moment, but will be getting a few of these as soon as I can. I did not know of the Secret Museum of Mankind, so thanks for that link.

      Throat singing from Mongolia was the first 'ethnic' album I bought - from a Soviet Union Bookstore in the mid 70s(I think) Melodiya Records - a boxed set - would be worth quite a bit now I think but that went during another period of brokeness ( hmm I'm detecting a trend here )

      I'd love to be able to claim that I took to interesting musics immediately and never looked back but that isn't true at all - I was always looking for something to expand my listening, but it really took me a long time to find a lot of music natural and enjoyable. That process has never really stopped, but in many ways that is what makes music so great - the enormous scope of it
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        I don't know them, but it looks great. A number of years ago I got to see Daughters of Tuva, an all female band and throatsinging ensemble live, one of the best concerts i've ever been to. Glad to know someone likes "world music" Yeah, the Secret Museum of Mankind comps are amazing, because they are music from around the world as it is, rather than packaged for a certain audience etc.

        I agree on the listening thing, there are albums, artists, forms and whatever that I couldn't stand upon first hearing, but after repeating listenings something clicked and now I think they are amazing.