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pseudo-ambient explorations

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  • pseudo-ambient explorations

    as the thread title indicates I'll try and list a few things here I would not consider ambient per se...but somehow remind me of important aspects of relevant to it. Take for example Howard Skempton's "Lento" - contemporary classical music & certainly interesting with regards to central concepts such as layering, repetition, etc. Seeing this in preview...what's the guidelines on youtube embedment around here? -phoenstorm

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    I believe if you DON'T want to embed, put an s after http in the address.

    Otherwise, all YouTube videos will be embedded.


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      This sort of stuff is right up my alley! Great example, phoenstorm, what a lovely piece - it rather reminds of a project I discovered on bandcamp recently, Arafúra (although I'd question the "pseudo" label in this case - they define themselves as organic ambient). Without meaning to derail the thread, I think you may find this interesting, if you haven't heard it before. Official video:

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        Thanks...I didn't know them before, but that music is beautiful, really enjoyed that! Will have to follow up on Arafúra, and of course, your music. I'm a little bit pressed for time at the moment, but will hopefully find some time over the weekend! I'll try to keep this thread going with some more recommendations soon -if someone wants to take it from here, just go for it :listening:.

        P.S. Thanks DAX IX for the clarification!


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          heading out of ambient territory here - and yet, witness the interest in textures, the use of samples and found sounds, historical recordings etc. The album this track is taken from is also "ambient" insofar as it has a "geographic" concept - combining a recommended tour through the remnants of a once thriving village with the soundtrack of the album...the concept of map vs territory is also evident in the album title "1 Inch / 1/2 Mile". Track is "The Tin Man", Artist is Grasscut, Label is Ninja Tunes. Enjoy...I hope .


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            All of this is such wonderful music. Been enjoying each and every one of these videos posted. You guys are awesome...thanks for sharing with the group!!!

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              Just came back from a classical concert. Nothing better than the live-experience. This was part of the program. Stunning: Charles Ives, The Unanswered Question


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                Originally posted by phoenstorm View Post
                the album title "1 Inch / 1/2 Mile". Track is "The Tin Man", Artist is Grasscut, Label is Ninja Tunes. Enjoy...I hope .
                I did a great deal, not aware of them before, certainly going to track more of their stuff down. Thanks!
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                  Glad you liked it!

                  At the risk of opening Pandora's box...and taking the pseudo- in the thread title (too) is Jeff Beale's score for defunct hbo series "Carnivàle" - if not quite ambient, it's nevertheless eerily atmospheric:



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                    ambient from Portland, OR, I guess well-known round here, thought I'd post a track here, anyway.



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                      ...meanwhile, it's the early 90s and in Germany:


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                        Originally posted by phoenstorm View Post
                        ambient from Portland, OR, I guess well-known round here, thought I'd post a track here, anyway.

                        I'm familiar with Eluvium...he does have some good material. I don't like everything he's put out there, but he does have a few real gems.
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                          Wow, I love the Grasscut track. And I've always enjoyed that Charles Ives piece (aka "screw you string section, we're the woodwinds and horns!" :D)

                          Ernst Karel's field recording album Swiss Mountain Transport Systems is, I guess, a bit off to the side from ambient. I seriously consider it the most fascinating album I bought in 2011.



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                            This is one of my favourite short animated movies. It features interesting drones in background of climax scene.
                            Not safe for children ;)

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                              glad to see new leads to great music here. wonderful. let's keep this going!

                              let me chip in...:

                              one of the more interesting album names, too.
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