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  • Duckett's current favorites

    In no particular order, ambient-relevant artists that I've really enjoyed, that many other members here probably also know and like, some already mentioned elsewhere:
    Celer, William Basinski, Oöphoi, Super Fata, Stellardrone, Stars of the Lid, Thomas Köner, Lustmord, Troum, Thomas Brennan, Tetsu Inoue, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Alessandro Cortini, Pietro Bonanno, Palancar, Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Gavin Bryars..

    Let me stop there for now, I could keep going far longer than any one would want me to ;)

    There's also a number of ccMixter compatriots who have done excellent ambient material, but I'm sure I'd forget someone, so will avoid trying to make that list.
    ...I still can't believe nobody mentioned Celer before I got here!...

    "Critics can’t stand these records, by and large, because in their search for eternal adolescence, they still want it all to be spunky and manic and witty."
    -Brian Eno