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Various Artists - Futures Vol. 1 (INNER017)

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  • Various Artists - Futures Vol. 1 (INNER017)

    New compilation on Inner Ocean - Futures Vol. 1 featuring lots of great artists, and Im honored to have my track October on it.


    Coming up on 2 years of operation, Inner Ocean presents an offering of 18 tracks up for a free download or a donation of support. Futures Vol. 1 is comprised of artists with releases on the label, as well as some great new talent to add to the mix. As the title suggests, Futures Vol. 1 is just the first of such compilations to come out on the label, the focus on this release being cinematic ambient and experimental. Ironically and intentionally, Vol. 1 marks the end of "Season 1" of releases and somewhat of a change in direction for the future. New things are on the horizon. As always we thank you for the support. Enjoy.