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New Artist: The Weeds - 'Elegiac'

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  • New Artist: The Weeds - 'Elegiac'

    Are you ready for some "East Lauderdale Jambient" !?

    Check out this live recording produced on only Animoog and Octapad:

    These guys appear to play their music through a speaker array and live record the resulting sound. I really like this concept. (See my earlier post Blacksand - Abyss in this Recommended Listening forum. Blacksand also sets up a speaker array and incorporates the particular sound that is contributed by their surroundings into their ambience. Blacksand pushes that envelope by seeking out 'unusual' spaces in which to perform. Their website is really not to be missed as they chronicle the spaces they have played in.)

    Anyway back to The Weeds - check out their Soundcloud stream, much good stuff there.


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    Very, very cool!!! Thanks to this forum, I've discovered so much amazing music just in the short time that I've been here!
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      I love "live performance" ambient...and oh man, this is a PRIME example of it!!! Pushing new boundaries...encouraging the accidental glimpse of brilliance...engaging the listener and encouraging them to follow them into the darkness.
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        this is awesome work, thanx fer the share....i hope to 1 day b able to my own live ambient, lord knows i got plenty of equipment,, i just have no place to practice and i think i need to learn more bout this pad thing and see if it will fit in w/ my way of doin things....