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Classic NASA Space Recordings

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  • Classic NASA Space Recordings

    Hey, I'm pretty sure everyone knows this but let's listen to that stuff one more time, shall we?

    Ah, epic.

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    Yeah, I posted about that soon after I joined. I guess the universe makes its very own ambient music, if you know how to listen. Great stuff.


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      I love this stuff. It has had a big influence on what I do with my own compositions. More and more I am using natural occurring sounds from nature recorded while on my long walks through various parks and out of the way places less traveled by those with two feet.
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        Ive dne a few field recordings out and about in the past fr an album. I Really enjoy that stuff. I always catch myself in the worst times without any sort of recording device though. All the time. I was down at the beach recently and was really upset I didnt have my laptop because this dude had some sort of 12 string contraption I believe, with 2 necks attached to it. It was an acoustic wood string instrument, but way smaller than a guitar, and slightly bigger than a mandolin. Much fatter than am andolin, esepcially towards the bottom of the body. What ever that thing was
        It was beuatiful, and I was sad.

        Also, I really really love these space recordings btw. So fascinating to hear the frequencies created by things in space. I wonder what else in space also makes noise. Can only image. Right now.


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          At the very least I always have the iPhone ready to go for a photograph and for recording sound. Never leave home without it. Although it is not the best recording device available, it is one that is easily accessible and ready to go in an instant. I find the lower quality of the recording an added bonus at times as it adds a bit of unexpected character to the sound.
          From the first time I heard the NASA space recordings I became interested in the back ground noise of space. I find the NASA recordings very inspiring. In fact, mother nature is my muse. I dislike the large cities and mass of humanity. Clean, clear open spaces and the natural environment is my main influence and what makes be happy.
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            That one video caught my attention as well several years ago; as a "strange" music and space enthusiast it couldn't have been otherwise.
            It took me some more time of research to put my hands on the release, but as soon as I found it (conveniently) added to the iTunes catalog, I grabbed it without even blinking : D
            The version I have is 10 tracks, about 30 minutes each; if I understand correctly there should have been different releases...
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              Indeed!! NASA's recordings (and the ESA, among others) are GREAT and inspiring stuff to listen to.
              Also, NASA has a whole bunch of freely available recordings that are public domain (being a government agency) that we can all freely use in our work. :rockon:
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