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Kyle Bobby Dunn

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  • Kyle Bobby Dunn

    I'm kind of surprised Kyle Bobby Dunn seems to be very much in the shadows of other contemporary ambient artists. I actually wonder how many people here have ever heard of him or heard his music. I did a search here on the forum but no results showed up... I have to admit I only got acquainted with his music less than a year ago but since then I return to it quite often.

    If you like Stars of the Lid, there's a good chance you'll like KBD although it has to be said his music is maybe less colorful; to me it actually sounds somewhat like shades from a greyscale and there's more variation to be found in SotL's music. His music can best be described as an amalgam of early ambient Eno (think Discreet Music and Music for Airports) and Stars of the Lid (IMO). As far as I know he only uses a guitar, a looping pedal and a laptop (maybe not on all albums?).

    If you like slow, minimal and somewhat droning guitar based ambient I highly recommend his music.
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