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Saxophone in the subway. (moon hooch)

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  • Saxophone in the subway. (moon hooch)

    Hello, i found this video. In this video i like the mixture of urban textures and the "Philip Glass" style of this performance.. I think this guy have a big potential.

    This is he's band. this video is quite funny. ( the bride make me think of Laura Palmer, don't you ?)

    Musically i prefer this one.

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    Now I am sure I won't invite moon hooch to play on my wedding...
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      Hé hé. I understand. To be honest, that's not my kind off music (i mean, the weeding one. Too "FM band" for me) But the video made me smile yesturday morning. Nevertheless, i think it's well done.
      You come from Polland ? Do you apreciate Dawid Szczęsny ? I really admire his work.