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Circular Forms by Abul Mogard

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  • Circular Forms by Abul Mogard

    I was led to this release by a review on Headphone Commute. I'm sure glad I found this recording! Tagged as "Experimental", another genre description might be Industrial Drone Ambient, or something of that nature. Just listen!

    From the Ecstatic release listing:

    Ecstatic is proud to release Abul Mogard's debut LP 'Circular Forms', a 40 minutes suite of 4 analogue synth pieces.

    Mogard was born in Belgrade, Serbia and spent most of his life working in a metal factory. He approached music only in old age after his retirement.

    Between 2012 - 2013 he issued his first works on tape thru Steve Moore's VCO Records, followed most recently by a gorgeous split vinyl for Emotional Response.

    'Circular Forms' channels a wealth of soulful, emotive modular explorations and the ending result is evocative, unsettling and beguiling modern synth music.

    There's a real emotive essence to his - almost lyrical - emotional arrangements which is very much removed from the Modular revivalism that's been dominant over the last few years.

    Composed and recorded in solitude using a limited equipment array of Farfisa organs in conjunction with a self-built modular synthesiser, 'Circular Forms’s intoxicating distortions and extreme low frequencies translate into personal space and addictive emotions.

    Abul Mogard: “Lately I have been reading and appreciating visual art and paintings and this has informed my work on this album. Compared to my previous albums, this was the first time that I had a clear visual representation of my music, as geometrical forms - each element of a track suggested a form that intertwined with the other elements".

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    Only dead fish go with the flow.

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    Circular Forms by Abul Mogard

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      Only dead fish go with the flow.