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    I find that, these days, the more music I listen to the less I'm satisfied with individual songs. Livesets (not because they are performed, but because the performers have to move between many songs) and DJ mixes show real musical skill, which for me means being able to control the direction of your set, without dropping a beat, and doing it well. I don't have many, partly because I like downtempo music in general, purely ambient or beatless examples being few compared to the sea of chillout mixes out there, and partly because I'm a picky bastard.

    This is my collection of ambient sets from over the years. Each piece is a treasure as far as I'm concerned. Most of these should be available as bootleg recordings online in one place or another. I have these up on soulseek (username: nikeniga) if another source doesn't present itself, or you can message and I'll post a zippyshare link. Sets marked with a * have been released.

    If anyone else would like to post their list I would love to see it here.

    (1995-05-14) Maeror Tri - Abatos, Musique Ultimes, Nevers, France
    (1998-05-29) Certain Beyond All Reasonable Doubt - Atelier 4r, Berlin, Germany*
    (2001-xx-xx) Thomas Köner - Daikan, European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany*
    (2001-xx-xx) Vladislav Delay - Naima, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria*
    (2006-06-09) Machinefabriek - Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands*
    (2007-12-22) Emeralds - Tusco Embassy, Cleveland, USA
    (2011-11-xx) Harmash, Krugly, Minkov - «Ў» Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

    DJ sets:
    (2006-09-10) Spacey Orange - A Brief Journey Through Interplanetary Space
    01. NASA - Apollo 16 Launch
    02. Ulf Langheinrich - Degrees of Amnesia
    03. SETI - Fragment 04
    04. Chris Meloche - Loop 6
    05. Omicron - Lluana
    06. Adham Shaikh - Journey to the Sun
    07. Banco de Gaia - Starstation Earth
    08. Synaesthesia - Umbra
    09. NASA - Apollo 11 Landing

    (2008-03-04) AlphaStarred - Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland
    01. Phlegm - Phedr-n
    02. Airlock - ∞ - 0
    03. Biochip C. - To The Inside
    04. Voiteck - Noise Fluff
    05. Ambre - Colosse
    06. Virtus - E.P. Taph
    07. Edge Of Motion - Earth Ball
    08. Lorenz Attractor - Raw Toy
    09. Seekness - Coaglüking Mixture
    10. M-Chrome - Cybercore
    11. Psychonauts - Xerophytic
    12. [email protected] - U Fear ETP
    13. Rivulet - Untitled
    14. Ambre - Étant
    15. Alcove - Intell X-Tract
    - Virtus - Tea Time With David

    (2009-03-xx) Jetée - Stardust
    01. John Murphy - Welcome to Icarus II
    02. Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues (Excerpt)
    03. Vangelis - At Mr. Chew's
    04. Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues (The Blues)
    05. Vangelis - Unveiled Twinkling Space
    06. John Murphy & Underworld - Freezing Outside (Harvey)
    07. JBJ - Your Mirror
    08. John Murphy & Underworld - Mercury
    09. JBJ - Your Mirror
    10. Underworld - Corazón Finds the Seedling
    11. Tyler Bates - Cemetery
    12. Vangelis - Keep Asking
    13. Tyler Bates - I'm Staying
    14. Vangelis - Damask Rose
    15. Vangelis - Tales of the Future
    16. Underworld - Distortions
    17. Brian Reitzell - Daybreak
    18. Underworld - Distortions
    19. John Murphy & Underworld - Pinbacker Slashes Capa
    20. John Murphy & Underworld - Cassie Searches / Dead Corazón
    21. Glenn Brown - A Crystal Fascination
    22. 8m2stereo - Mes (Webbed Tape Edit)
    23. Milhaven - A Simple Plan
    24. Swod - Fugitif

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    sweet! gonna add you tonight so you can browse! really looking forward to that Emeralds live set!!

    here are some of my favorits.. need to find a way to download before soundcloud goes down...
    donato dozzy - babylon mix
    moshimix 56 - bumani
    stationary travels - the ocean inside
    silent season - campfire stories great blend from ambient to dub techno, although it seems to me they are losing some quality over time, but the first few mixes are dope!
    sidney & Suleiman
    ASC - isolatemix
    cosmic f - desicions we take


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      I think based on the sets you posted, you would like a mixtape I have from 1993 by Andrew Weatherall, called "Massive Mellow Mix". I have no tracklist for it, and as much as I've explored that music I know only one track. Look in the "mixes" folder I've shared, I'm sure you'll like it.

      From the Headphone Commute series, Field Rotation's set is very, very nice (minus the last four tracks or so, where he changes genres and loses direction).

      That last set you posted is your own, right? Would you mind uploading it to zippyshare or something like so I can grab it and listen properly?


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        cool, thanks! can you upload that mix somewhere? I'll put my mix to zippy tonight and post a link here!


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          I'll add some albums I'm recently discovering:
          Leyland Kirby Presents V-Vm - The Death Of Rave (A Partial Flashback) (2014)
          emeralds - allegory of allergies 2007
          Voices from the Lake - Live at Maxxi (2015)