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Souls Adrift, In Disrepair by eyes cast down

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  • Souls Adrift, In Disrepair by eyes cast down

    I've really been enjoying this new release from eyes cast down!

    From eyes cast down:

    "By turns dreamy and melancholy, serene and foreboding, the wistful guitar of Fading Angel gives way to the disorienting and immersive Astral Drift, the seductive Sirens of Maya, and the 12-string Power Zen of Transcending Memory.

    The closer, At This Body's Final Hour, slows to half-speed over its 18 minutes, with a plaintive piano melody over a haunting blend of synth, guitar and chant."
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    Many thanks, brother - for the share, and for inviting me here. I'll pop over to the Intro thread and say Yo.