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  • Nemesis - 1:4:9

    My favourite Finnish ambient suggestions will continue...

    Nemesis is a veteran group from Kokkola, which has been around since 1987. It was the first Finnish ambient group that made a record deal abroad. The first time I heard Nemesis was about -95 or -96 from the Finnish ambient radio show Avaruusromua and I remember wondering that do they make this kind of music - this good - in Finland as well? From that on they were _The Electronic Group_ of Finland to me.

    Years later I was interviewed for a Finnish prog rock magazine about my band The Surftones by Ami Hassinen (the founding member of Nemesis) and I was very keen to be in touch with him, because he was like a Finnish Froese or Jarre to me. After I made my first ambient demo with bass guitar, I sent it to Ami and he encouraged me to continue. Afterwards we've made some collaborations together and I've enjoyed Ami's solo albums as well. All the group members (Jyrki Kastman and Joni Virtanen) have also released very good solo material as well. You can listen to their work (and of course Nemesis' work as well) through their bandcamp:

    There are many favourites in their cataloque, but the best, in my opinion, is 1:4:9, wich is the most ambient album of Nemesis. It is actually, I think, one of the best ambient albums ever released. It's a good place to start, if you haven't already heard about this legendary group.

    ...BTW, Kimmo Heikkilä has designed many of their album covers, which I think are super gorgeous and Kimmo also designed my last album cover and I was very delighted with the outcome... Visit Kimmo's webpage and let him design your covers as well:

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    Nemesis played at the Ambient Music Conference 2014 in Haltia. Some of us were present.

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      Yeah, and they played with Esa Kotilainen, who have been there even longer than Nemesis... Esa's Ajatuslapsi is a classic from 70's, when nobody in Finland had done anything like it before.

      ...Unfortunately I couldn't participate the conference back then, because I had another gig...


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        Nemesis played at the Ambient Music Conference 2014 in Haltia. Some of us were present.
        How many personalities are inside of you?

        Listening to BASSO 'Dark Days' 19.2.2019 show atm, but have 1:4:9 cued up ready to go.
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