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Ambient/Chill lead sounds

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  • Ambient/Chill lead sounds

    The most difficult process for me in producing electronic music is making lead lines. I tried Absynth's built-in lead sounds, but I just didn't liked them. Do you know a vsti with decent lead sounds? Or could you give some tips, that can help to start design ambient lead sounds?

    E.g. Here is a lead sound that really interests me, how to do:

    Starting from 1:25.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I occasionally seem to get good results using FX'ed bass synths for some of my leads (but not necessarily the sound you are after).

    I would think Alchemy would be good for that sort of sound, or maybe a processed EP emulation.
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      The one you're talking about..sounds to me like nothing more than an arpeggiated sine/triangle wave with a little bit of reverb, maybe some velocity variation as well. Super-simple sound. Any synth of your choosing could probably make it.
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        I have had a huge amount of success in using Ni's Massive vst to make the majority of my ambient leads. Most of them tend to be either Sine or Tri based (regarding oscillators) but by using the very simple two-filter system that Massive has set up I find that I can make some beautiful leads that are as dynamically stable or unstable as I want.