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  • Audiobus

    I do all of my music creation on my iPad and I think Audiobus is an outstanding app. In only six days it has radically changed how I do recording and more importantly the sounds I can generate. The possibilities are endless.

    Anyone else using Audiobus. Thoughts.

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    I'm definitely going to be picking up audiobus.

    Right now I'm holding out for a few more people to implement...and of those people they've already said they're going to make it happen.

    What's funny is all those people (well on KVR anyway) who felt "ripped off" because of a little lag and lack of support at launch. I mean come's still early!!!

    I think I've said this in another thread (I started an audiobus thread the day it was released) but I hope one day the technology behind audiobus becomes baked in to operating systems on a core level. That way dev's won't have to wait for SDK''ll be part of the architecture of their app right out of the gate. :tu:
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      Every day new apps are updated for Audiobus and interesting watching the videos people have shared because I've been exposed to some apps that I didn't have or know about. It probably will be backed in sometime put for now its a great leap forward.