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Who are your favourite commercial sound designers!

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  • Who are your favourite commercial sound designers!

    I thought this would be a great place to share your favourite sample library or synth patch developers!

    Absolutely outstanding sounding products! I am going to be purchasing some of his work once I get some more money!
    Also when you buy a soundbank you also get the tutorial video that shows you how to use the synth!

    Can't recommend John lehmkuhls work enough. You can learn a lot!
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    One of our own AO members, Patchpool/Simon is one of my favorites--always high quality and very useful.

    I also am a fan of Luftrum, Himalaya, and Biomechanoid's Biolabs stuff on Alchemy


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      Originally posted by ontol View Post
      One of our own AO members, Patchpool/Simon is one of my favorites--always high quality and very useful.

      I also am a fan of Luftrum, Himalaya, and Biomechanoid's Biolabs stuff on Alchemy
      +1 on everything ontol said!!!!!! All of those selections are in my top 5 as well. Aiyn Zahev is one of my favorites too...not just because I just worked with him, but because in our correspondence he gave me a glimpse of how passionate he is about his craft. His ideas for the future are way out was really amazing and refreshing to hear that.
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        John Lehmkuhl I've known of for many years due mainly to his work on Korg synthesizers, in particular the Wavestation and the Z1, also from the old KPT forums if I remember correctly. It's cool that he's doing other stuff as well! Thanks for this link.

        Also +2 to what ontol and Signs said. Signs that's really cool what you said about Aiyn Zahev. I've often noticed his posts on kvr.

        To Luftrum, Himalaya and Biomechanoid I would also like to add Nico Herz aka Big Tone. He's got some great banks for Alchemy and Zebra as well as some really cool ones for Albino.

        There's also Martin Walker's Steamworx, which is wonderful.

        Before there was Alchemy there was Absynth and Tim Conrardy's name used to come up in a lot of places. Tim (RIP) did a wonderful bank for Absynth called Starscape:

        As for Simon aka Patchpool... well, Simon is in a class all his own! As ontol said: always high quality and useful... and always innovative.
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          Yah I am also a big fan of those guys too! All of them are top quality sound designers that make original sounds!

          Here is another GREAT sound designer!

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            Heavyocity products are GREAT for all sorts of stuff!

            Seriously listen to the demos! It is mind blowing stuff!

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              I love the work from all the sound designers mentioned so far in this thread, there are a few other favourites I'd like to add including Arksun, Ian Boddy and Howard Scarr.
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                Just came across this thread and wanted to say: Thank you guys for the flowers, positive feedback like that keeps the sounddesign engine runnning...and running...and running



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                  I'm not a big preset bank buyer but today I bought the Dune All Packs bundle here:


                  and I like it for trance stuff, experimenting as we speak (write, lol)



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                    I honestly was not a fan of Tim Conrardy's work, and I kind of told him so once. There was a specific synth (maybe Z3ta or Rhino, I don't recall for sure) where his patches all seemed to have extreme panning and a general laziness about making obvious connections from mod sources to destinations. He was very prolific though, and a nice guy.

                    I don't tend to buy synth patches for the most part, preferring to tweak presets and roll my own -- but I'm a big fan of Patchpool's Chromaphone patches.

                    As far as samples go, Troels Folmann's stuff (8dio and formerly Tonehammer) is pretty fantastic and he always has amazing demos to showcase them. Quite often I'll be checking out the latest thing and my wife will go "what's that music you're listening to?"


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                      I've liked everything I've purchased from Bryan Lee at Xenos Soundworks. His sounds are always priced right too.


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                        Hecq. Seriously, this guy's work...awesome.
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                          Simon Stockhausen and Luftrum.
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                            As an aside: The current Computer Music Special 'The Sound Designers Handbook' is worth a read (especially if you have free zinio credits left ), a couple of the people mentioned in this thread are featured.
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                              Nice ones here.. found some sweet sounds!
                              I really enjoy the works of Richard Devine and Dave Tipper...
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