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    Originally posted by Realm View Post
    annode so a little Phil Colins dropped into the mix is out of the question then?!
    Ha, I definitely wouldn't recommend that.
    You find 4/4 in ambient-like music, but once it's 4/4 it's likely to become chill-out style. That's more what I meant.
    I consider 'Ascendant' as Chill for example.
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      What about dropping Moby into the mix?

      Oh wait, that's still Phil Collins.

      I missed again.


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        Originally posted by almanacs View Post
        IMO, when it comes to art, everything is right if you do it right.
        Personally I feel more driven into non-percs ambient music, but somtimes I like to add percs in a kind of "tempo-less" or deconstructed way, mostly soft wooden hits and toms with reverbs and filters, in order to make them feel like FX or textures instead of "beats".
        Agree on this. Poly-rythms put a beautiful sense on music. I've been using some in some tracks I'm working and I'm very excited with the results.


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          I use dubbed drums, it gives a nice vibe, u can check out my sooundcloud


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            The early Ambient productions were often produced by Progressive Rockers - Brian Eno, Youth, Ben Watkins, Steve Hillage and many more. Many of their albums contain beatless soundscapes beside pure rock songs and compromises of both. Some songs have a beat, others not. And sometimes, there are also single songs with rhythmic parts and pure soundscapes in other parts.

            If you listen to The Orb or Future Sound of London, their productions are less Progressive-Rock influenced but regarding the beats, the situation is the same: Their albums are partially beatless.

            In my opinion, a well done interaction of rhythmic and beatless parts is an aspect of Ambient music. Drums may be used but shouldn't always.


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              Hey Ahornberg. Extremely late to the party but thought I would comment incase anyone stumbles on this as is a great topic.

              If you are using drums to create an ambient 'percussive' element or soundscape then why not if it fits in to the project or track you are creating. I do. I had two drum loops that I played around with. Got one to sound like a heart beat and the other like a giant breathe that I looped together in one of my tracks. Don't let the lack of harmonics or melodies deter you...that's what pads synths are chords are for. Experimentation is the key as this leads to discovery. Have fun with the drums!!


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                You can definitely use a good 4/4 kick as the pulse of your ambient piece. Rafael Anton Irisarri and Wolfgang Voigt are masters at this. See:

                Loscil is another favorite of mine. A lot of his work, while not using drums in a traditional sense, is driven by very interesting rhythmic textures and loops. Makes sense as he is a former drummer turned ambient producer.
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                  Thanks for the links..Will check out Loscil too as sounds like what I was trying to explain.