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"Toms Midi Mangler" for UVI Falcon

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  • "Toms Midi Mangler" for UVI Falcon


    I wasn't sure where this would fit in, feel free to move it to another subforum if needed.

    Over this weekend I wrote my first Lua Script for UVI Falcon and thought I share it here, since it works very well for generative work:

    Toms Midi Mangler is a tool you can use in the "Events" tab to randomize incoming midi and create endless variation from simple clips or to vary arpeggios etc..

    • Note Probability allows you to set how probable it is that the note will sound at all. Higher values will only drop a note every now and then, low values will make dense note clusters sparse...
    • Velocity Probability sets the probability for the velocity to be randomly changed in percent.
    • Velocity Depth is the maximum amount of the random change from 0-127.
    • Velocity Direction allows you to select if you want the change only to go up, only down or up and down.
    • Pan Probability defines how probable it is that Pan will change randomly.
    • Pan Depth is the amount of random change around the center.
    • Pitch Probability once more defines the probability of pitch changes in percent.
    • Pitch_Depth defines the maximum pitch change in halftone steps.
    • Pitch Direction defines if the pitch change should go up, down, or both.
    • Scale allows you to apply a scale to the end result of the mangling. Set it to Chromatic if you don't want that.
    • Key sets the key for the scale.
    • Play defines what notes go through:
      "Only Notes in Scale" will only play the notes that fit the scale after the mangling, all other will be discarded.
      "Transpose to Scale" on the other hand will transpose the notes in a random direction to fit the scale (therefore all notes will sound)

    This kind of combination of probability and separate maximum random values sounds the most natural to me and provides the most flexibility in many scenarios.

    This tool also works great together with other note processors like after an arpeggiator. Be sure to try that out!

    Some tips:

    • If you just want the occasional off-note, put a low probabiliy on pitch.
    • If you want to every now and then lose a note, use a quite high note probability (but below 100 of course).
    • You want to only spread out the notes over the stereo field? Set note prob to 100, all other probs to 0 but pan prob to 100 or lower, then set pan depth to taste.
    • If you only want to use the conform to scale part, set note probability to 100, all other probabilities to zero and set your Scale, Key and the Play setting to taste.

    Let me know if you encounter any problems!

    The tool is free for private use, if you use it for a commercial library, I'd be happy if you sent me a copy :-)

    Download (updated 15.11.2015, european notation that is ;-) ):

    Put the extracted file "Toms Midi Mangler.lua" in your ...Documents\UVI\Falcon\User Presets\EventProcessors\Script Processor folder, then it should show up in Falcon in the Script Processor tab.
    (The folder is not created automatically on installation so you may have to create it.
    Dear UVI, please create ALL folders on installation so the user knows what goes where!!! Thanks).

    Enjoy!!! :hug:



    P.S. I also posted this on KVR on the epic Falcon thread, but it might get buried there fast...
    P.P.S There is also a version for Reaktor 6 of this tool:
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