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A snazzy DIY mic idea

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  • A snazzy DIY mic idea

    Came across this, seems easily doable and very useful for "indoor field recording" :thumbsup:
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    That does sound snazzy! ...the idea and the results of using it, I'm sure!
    Thanks for sharing this idea!
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      I have been considering building a setup for a while and looked into all sorts of designs. This certainly seems to be one of the more cost-effective and simple strategies.

      Musician's Friend often has sales on a pair of cheap mics (just a couple of weeks ago too). I am gonna have to try this. When it is attempted, I will be glad to post up some results (may be a while after the first of the year though).


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        When using this on vocals, would you be singing to the flat face (looking at the square) or at the edge? I know this is someone else's contraption but there is no comment section on the page and the contact is inactive.