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  • Sonus Dept. free sound libraries

    Greetings everyone,
    I have a small sound design organization called Sonus Dept., and I produce sound libraries oriented towards ambient, cinematic and experimental music.

    You can check a series of free releases I made:

    MEDITATION ESSENCE: sound library for Kontakt 5 featuring a singing bowl.

    DARK MASS: sound library for Massive with industrial, dark ambient and cinematic presets.

    DEEPWIG: sound library for Bitwig Studio featuring a series of instruments and effects that could fit into an ambient track.

    INDUSTRY TRAILER: sound library for Kontakt 5 for cinematic, aggressive and atmospheric music. There is also a pay version (15 EUR), INDUSTRY, with more patches and controls.

    I hope these sounds can be useful and inspiring!

    | Valerio Orlandini

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    Awesome, thanks! Good day to check out the forum again!

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      Thank you for sharing with us!!!
      I love Playing with bowl samples in Kontakt. Looking forward to yours

      Unfortunately, I can't use my iMac right now, and I don't want to commit the necessary resources from my MacBook for Kontakt just now, so it will be a while before I get to try out your Kontakt instrument...:frown:
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