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Slow Life - FREE growing bank for LinPlug MorphoX

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  • Slow Life - FREE growing bank for LinPlug MorphoX

    Hi guys,

    This is my first post but I would like to share with you my new soundbank, Slow Life for LinPlug Morphox, which is free.
    There are only 16 patches in the bank so far but I will add many more over the next few months.

    This bank is definitely for ambient and slow music! Lost of pads and gentle dreamy sounds.

    Download it from the product page, on my website.

    If you have tried it out, I would like to hear some feedback.
    You can also check out my other banks, though they were not primarily made for ambient music.
    Have fun!

    And thanks to S1gns of L1fe for letting me know about this great forum.