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ASMR videos as sound sources

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  • ASMR videos as sound sources

    recently I discovered so called ASMR videos like this:

    I think these videos are great sound sources for ambient music.

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    This is something I've played with before, focussing on the little, incidental sounds in a field recording. Micro sound I guess. Hope to develop this further as it puts you in a cool mind set, not thinking about conventional musical elements, just listening to pure sound.
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      I had the same idea like you Ahornberg, I am big fan of ASMR and from when I found out about these videos I am fascinated with the fact that you can actually put the energy or energize the sound that you produce and how that energy affect the listener. I often use ASMR videos when I wont to really relax and just switch out. That feeling that listener have when watching and listening to these videos really depends on the person who produce these sounds and the feeling and inner state of him (ASMR person). That's something I found out listening and thinking about these videos. Sometimes you can feel the difference in one video listening it at the beginning, half to the end, and on ending part. I guess that's different inner state of that person that make these video, since these videos have length about 1 hour or so, at one point they might become bored with that they doing at the moment and you can feel the video just doesn't have that sparkle anymore when these happen. I think that the same mechanism works for the song composing. If you are not in the mood for making song, or you are just pissed off by someone and in these moments you sit and start composing you can unintentionally put that energy in your song, which can be later felt by listener on some level (depends on how much listener is open for registering that energy). So I think that paying attention on how one feel when making music can highly impact the quality of that song he or she making. One more interesting fact: one of the Native American tribes that is famous by the drums they make, they have a rule not to begin making drum if the weather is bad, if it's rain or something like that, 'coz that have impact on the inner state of a person that make these drums.