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  • How to make this sound

    I am trying to create a specific sound for an ambient track, this is all new to me so go easy on me, the background sound im trying to get is here I thought it may be an organ with reverb and echo but im having trouble trying to replicate it or identify it, any help would be great, thanks.

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    flicking through that video I think there are a few sounds there - eg sounds like a mellotron vocal sample or maybe an old 8bit Fairlight vocal sample. Anyways you are right I think - mostly it is an organ, perhaps with a sort of flute/woodwind setting and there is some amplitude modulation going on, but that might be just the different notes beating against each other.

    If i were to try and make somethign like this I would just muck around with a few different organ style sounds, layered and fading in and out of each other


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      I would agree that the basic patch sounds quite organ-like, pretty easy to replicate with a synth which can play perhaps 3 oscillators at the same time, pitch them an octave apart and perhaps make the higher ones a little quieter, a tiny amount of white noise will help. The key to the sounds IMO is the thorough drenching in reverb, which at times sounds like it has some of the Eno/Lanois inspired 'shimmer' effect with big lush reverb and pitch-shifted delays to shift successive feedback repeats up an octave each time.
      An easy way to achieve this effect now would be with the excellent Valhalla Shimmer -
      More details on the effect from Sean at Valhalla:

      I hope that helps, if you let us know what synth you might be using to replicate this it may help.
      All the best.
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        I'm hearing probably four different sounds/tracks throughout that piece. One is a field recording of waves, one is the main pad which sounds like a sine wave string pad, one is about two octaves up and sounds like a PWM glass pad, and the last sounds like a modulated FM patch. It sounds like two different reverbs too. The waves sound like they are on their own and the synth tracks are running through a different reverb buss.

        Cool video too, that looks like French Polynesia.