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some uses of Spectral View on Audition CS6

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  • some uses of Spectral View on Audition CS6

    Well, I was tweaking the "spectral view" of some audio loaded into Audition CS6 , I discover some interesting things, maybe you already known it. The point its that CS6 share some functionality as the incredible mighty Ozone RX. Wait, im not telling its the same, im telling there are some similar things in both platforms. Seems that RX tooks one function, the spectral thing, and then expanded and detailed into a whole new universe, which its something amazing per se.
    The spectral element in CS& its humble but its perfectly good for analysis and work. An example:
    I have a recording with hiss in some parts. Cant fix it. I just have this audio not the original track, nothing more, just this audio with some hiss here and there.
    I want to control that hiss on certain parts without applying hiss reduction to the whole. To keep a more natural flow of the hiss reduction I
    Go to Spectral View, choose the different tools to select spectrogram section to work. This case its hiss, buy maybe you want to add some efxs and process only that section or certain frecuency of the whole file.
    Its a nice tool but also a nice path to investigate to tweak sounds ever more !
    Excuse my engrish, but wanted to share this, Im sure you will found more diverse uses.
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