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2 Multi-Part Video Tutorials

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  • 2 Multi-Part Video Tutorials

    Just thought I'd post a heads-up here about two posts I made over on the forum blog page, in case anyone who might be interested in this might miss them.

    The links below will take you to each of the individual posts..each post is about a different video tutorial with links to the same. I'm sure some of you have seen these already, as they are out there elsewhere on other forums for some time..but there may be some new to music production here who have yet to see them..or who are still struggling to come to terms with these topics and these might help if you are such a person.

    Hope you find them helpful.

    5 Part Video Tutorial: "The Fundamentals of Synthesizer Programing"

    Introduction to Sound Syntheis

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    These are awesome! Again, I love that you're using the ambient online blog format to share them with everyone. Perfect platform and solution, great content, you're doing it right!

    I am definitely checking these out in full sometime soon. As my guest on the most recent podcast (Simon Lomax) said, sometimes it's good just to take everything back to the very basics...then you really have something to work with.

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