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The Basics of Audio Editing - Tutorial/Workflow series

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  • The Basics of Audio Editing - Tutorial/Workflow series

    Hello there.
    So I have started a video series where I document, and try to convey, the way I work in Ableton Live.
    The reason for this initially was that my sister wanted to get into Ableton live and audio-editing, and since we live a fair bit apart, I thought I might make a series of videos on the most basic features.
    Then I realized that others might benefit from this as well, so this series will contain a few very basic concepts to begin with, and once that is out of the way, it will basically be me showing how I go about making music and sounds, which might be interesting.

    So here are the first two videos I have made so far, I am working on the third one at the moment and that will be out later this week.

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    Love these tutorials and love Ableton Live! It's by far the best DAW I've ever had the pleasure of working in.

    Also your default audio track setup with Unity > EQ-8 > Limiter is very similar to what we have going on in the Ascendant template...nice work!

    Keep these tutorials going...and thank you for sharing. :thumbsup:

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      Thanks, very useful to an Ableton noob like me.

      Nice to see someone say they use the arrange view 99% of the time too, most tutorials seem to rattle on about the whole session view/clips aspect as thought that's the only way you 'should' use Live.
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        Thank you!
        Hopefully I will have the next video up before Monday
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