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Making MIDI Ambient Music with Logic Pro X

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  • Making MIDI Ambient Music with Logic Pro X

    I didn't see this section on this forum, so you can delete my other post.
    Makes sense to have this post here.

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    I'm gonna leave both posts up for more exposure. Fantastic tutorial!

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      Very interesting and informative video, thank you for sharing this with us.
      Dont use Logic myself, but this has given me some food for thought...... I feel some experimentation coming on at some point !
      Thanks again.

      Please feel free to check out my music - thank you


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        Hi gabegarza1021!
        This is a great tutorial!
        I use Logic Pro X and found this really useful.... I have used lots of different techniques for 'generating random' midi; from manual processes to procedural and fractal input... Especially in LP9, but this ability in 'x' to manipulate and randomise midi in real time is an awesome feature -as is the retro synth! Thank you for sharing your insight and technique, I am already formulating plans for my next experiment.


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          Thanks for the comments.
          Yeah, once Logic Pro X introduced the new MIDI-FX plug in, my brain went crazy.

          Alot of the stuff you can do with MIDI-FX I was doing in Logic Pro 9 with customized Environment Macros I created, but Logic Pro X makes it way easier.
          I like randomizing and with the Transposer as the last plug-in, it puts back the music tonality.

          Remember too that you can MIDI record that but I don't use IAC, I use my MIDI Sport 2x2 in a loop back on Port B.
          I've had issues with IAC but once I looped back my MIDI Sport, I never had issues with MIDI recording the MIDI FX plug-ins.

          I have a video posted on that loop back.

          The one thing that's kind of time consuming is getting all my over 1200 scales as Transposer presets, but I think I'm close on that.


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            Logic Pro X users, you don't have to go far for MIDI input, just look at your Apple Loops Library, in particular the Green MIDI Regions.
            Plus start experimenting with all the Instrument/Presets already included with Logic Pro X.


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              If you have Melodyne, here's a start to finish on creating an ambient piece from a previous audio file you did, then birth from that piece and so on and so on.
              I use Melodyne to extract MIDI, Scale Suggestor to clean the MIDI, then Logic Pro X to create a new piece.


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                Another amazing tutorial. This is one of the reasons I love ambient - there seems to be every which way from Sunday it can be created...I might not have ever thought of doing what you did just to start a piece, but your result, fantastic.

                Thank you for posting these, a true benefit to the community. Subscribed. :tu:

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                  I am listening to the first tutorial now and whilst I was typing a few moments ago I scrolled up to see what was happening as it was quiet and saw you were just preparing the tutorial/track in real time and then the music started at 1:11. Then when I saw it was 9 minutes long I instantly felt yes this is going to be good as it started so lovely and relaxing. Even the illustrations highlighted giving their descriptions I thought was nicely done to as it gives it that much more professional look and feel and more importantly the bright illuminated words worked a real treat because they are immediately seen making the descriptions much easier to read and learn from at a glance.

                  I have never used Logic Pro before or an Apple Mac. But it is very refreshing to watch the tutorials well typing/scrolling/glancing atm but watch how someone else works to, especially in a real time improvisation as well. Neat stuff. Which I think is really educational and from that tips n tricks can be developed in someone else also. That's the inspiration right there. Like your tutorials are like pebbles thrown in a pond and the ripples just flow through here and yonder throughout the net or globe. Feeding ideas into other peoples musical minds.

                  I am now a little over 4 minutes into listening and hell yes you have definitely nailed this tutorial/track on the head. Again because it is in a real time improvisation to. There has been lots of times before today where I have felt unhappy with a project I am working on so I just let it gather virtual dust but over time I have learned also that just because I feel unhappy about a project doesn't mean someone else will feel exactly the same to. I have learned over time that others will see it in a whole different light. So I admire how you have created this work and posted it as well.

                  All in all these tutorials are wonderful sketches that were made in real time and also they are fun to watch and listen to to.
                  All good stuff for the members/newcomers and the guests.
                  Cheers for sharing these gems :tu:
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                    When I hear the word "ambient", I use to think of using pads for instruments, now with Logic Pro X ambient can be regular instruments playing random notes but to a scale/key.
                    In this video I MIDI recorded chord progressions and a melody. Then I applied Logic Pro X Transposer MIDI-FX plug-ins to both the chord progression and melody but used different scale/key combinations on each.
                    Then I randomize the Randomize MIDI-FX plug-in with automation and here's what I came up with.

                    You can always MIDI record what's playing as well.


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                      Thanks Gabegarza1021 -this looks really nice.... Will give this a spin later - cheers - Jason