How to play microtonal on Bitwig's built-in instruments

This short tutorial covers the settings that need to be done to play microtonal music on the following of Bitwig's built-in instruments:

Sampler, Polysynth and FM-4

I assume that the readers are familiar on how to apply modulation in Bitwig.

All of that three instruments do have a "KEY"-modulation
and all of that instruments do have a Pitch-knob.

So by applying the KEY-modulation to the Pitch-knob using a negative value (turning the knob counter-clockwise)
the semitones are getting smaller (less than 100 cents). For my microtonal scale which uses 73 cents per semitone
I modulate the knob down to -3.30 (yes, it needs some trial-and-error to get the right value).

And that's it!