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Quicktime Player & Soundflower Screen recording solution on OSX.

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  • Quicktime Player & Soundflower Screen recording solution on OSX.

    Ok so not all of us can afford to shell out money for a professional screen recording app. In the mean time you can use a work-around that doesn't cost a penny.

    In my Tutorial I am using OSX 10.7.5 & Quicktime Player 10.1

    I am showing mainly how to use soundflower to re-route your audio so you can share your audio + your screen recording. Normally quicktime player does not have the option to record the internal sounds without outputting them through your speakers and then into your built-in Mic. This is not a optimal solution when you want to share your sound design tips etc because it can cause feedback loops.

    I am sure there are other ways to do this, but this is what I've been doing and it's working great

    In order to follow along the tutorial..

    You will need to first install Cycling '74 Soundflower which you can get here.

    Once you have it setup, follow the video tutorial!

    If you can't figure out how to rig the sound input settings on Quicktime recorder check this pictures out.
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    Next I'll do a youtube tutorial so you can share your videos with everyone
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      *updated* I removed my most recent video that I had posted here, because I plan on putting together a more professional presentation. The one video I had up was all improvised which ended up bothering me.

      I will update soon.
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