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Gui-less Looping in Linux

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  • Gui-less Looping in Linux

    I have a notebook computer that runs Linux Mint as its operating system.
    I have developed a system for live looping using terminals and command lines with wav loops in a folder using these command lines:

    Loop a wav file

    mplayer -loop 0 filename.wav

    0 says to loop forever. Use some other number to loop how many times you want, then have it stop.
    (While playing 9 and 0 can decrease and increase volume)

    Altering the playback speed (and loop)
    mplayer -speed 1.0 -loop 1 Serenity.wav

    You can make MPlayer play a media file at a different speed with the -speed option. The value 1.0 means normal speed, 0.5 means twice as slow, 2.0 means twice as fast

    Honestly, I find this more flexible than in the Windows environment. In windows the player is vlc and here I use mplayer

    I hope this means something to somebody and is helpful.


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    i use puppy slacko; thanks for the tip!
    Yello - The Eye