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    I hope that this works okay.

    Has anybody else used an drum sequencer that runs in your browser, called Drumbot?

    You selected a sound for each line in the sequencer and then just click when you want the sound to play. You can alter the BPM etc

    I have attatched an example of a drum pattern that I made and exported as a text file. So you can upload the text file to the browser and you should get the drum pattern.

    You can then export the file as a wav and mix it

    It is pretty self explanitory, but if you have any questions, I can see if I can help


    Ps I have no affiliation with the software etc. It is just something that I found that was useful and I wanted to share it with others.
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    Compose drum patterns and loops online. Export results as WAV files for use in other projects or software. Tons of drum samples to choose from.

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    I hope that this helps to show a bit of the potential and possibilities of the above link

    Last Thursday I created that drum pattern and text file with one of my workmates (who was a jazz drummer before he became a professor). Hos wife is expecting twins so I went home and used the wav I we created to use in the first track of this EP

    I mixed the loop in different ways, but the drums are more or less what came from the above text file



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      Cool might be useful for me. I have no DAW.
      Did a quick test.

      piano chords
      Random Progression
      minor, 4 chords, 80 bpm, oo_o
      Dm, Cm, C#6, F#9
      Had to record straight to Audacity. No export function

      Drumbot (not the sequence "module")
      Country & Folk
      Smothness made a 4 bar drum sequence and exported as wav.

      This site ( had no "bass function"...
      Quick search led me to
      Here I made a bass line to the chords in 80bpm.
      Here you can only export to mid...
      Once again I had to record straight to Audacity.
      I want a "bassbot" :-)

      Result this loop.
      No processing in Audacity.


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        A couple of options if you are not using a DAW

        Jackbeat - a nice free, cross platform sequencer:

        It is very simple just add the drum samples you want to use.

        Another option is to process the drums wav in Audacity (that is what I do). I like to multitrack the drums with different effects on different tracks. Then I fade the tracks in and out. Different effects that I use, include: reverb, compressor, equalizer, drop the pitch by an octave etc etc. These are all things that are easy to co in Audacity.

        I hope that this gives you a few ideas



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          My self I usually use a combination of VST-host and Audacity if I want to use a computer for music creation.
          This VST-Host
          Small, simple and free. I only use free VSTs (don't have that many).
          I only use them for this sites dare contests :-)
          Nice to have some online options where I can create samples/loops.