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Noise Reduction In Audacity

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  • Noise Reduction In Audacity

    This seems like a great tutorial for those of us that work with field recordings or the One Sample Dare Challenge

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    Thanks for sharing this I have tried using the noise reduction feature in Audacity with mixed results. Try using a section of the sample that is not just hiss for example. The noise reduction filter will reduce the audio based on what is contained in the section you chose for the "noise". The results may be useful.
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      Goldwave has a similar facility. I used it to clean up some of my old vinyl
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        Interesting link, thanks for posting that. I wrote an entry in my blog last year on Audacity noise reduction, which I copy below. I have graduated to Reaper (learned it via Kenny Gioia videos and now love it), and don't use Audacity anymore. I don't use the noise reduction anymore; I worked really hard to remove any noise from my chain (new cables, get rid of noisy pedals (e.g. Tube Screamer), keep gain low on my Sunset overdrive, keep all my power clean, don't use any delay/reverb settings that "create noise" (like bloom effect), etc. Right now, I have a dead-quiet signal and I'm really happy with that.

        Here's my comment from last year:
        Monochrome Seasons posted a video ( about using a plug-in called Z-Noise. It's very sophisticated and lists for $99. Unfortunately, Z-Noise does not plug into Audacity. I know Audacity is a “low end” DAW, well, it's free, but I use it for all my sound editing. I bought Reaper a couple of years ago, but never took the time to really get comfortable with it and wound up being frustrated and went back to Audacity where I can do most everything I want without having to figure it out forever. Anyway, I did a test of Audacity's Noise Reduction effect and I posted it here:
        It's 8 seconds of raw ambient guitar using Strymon's Big Sky Bloom, followed by that same piece after Audacity Noise Reduction. Is it perfect? I don't know, you guys out there judge. But it conforms to my philosophy of “Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good”; (thank you Voltaire). For me, it's good enough and I'll use it on my recorded pieces as long as it serves me.
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