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    I'm back in the music scene. Because I'm a yogi I use my yogi name for my music: Seva Randeep Singh. Here's an excerpt from the mail concerning my name:
    "Sat Nam, dear brother in divine,

    You have been blessed to live as Seva Randeep Singh, the Lion who shines with the radiance of God’s divine light as he fearlessly faces every challenge with an attitude of devotional service.

    Seva is devotional service. Ran means battle. Deep refers to light, lamp. All males receive the name Singh -- the Lion of God who walks with grace and courage throughout his life. Yogi Bhajan taught that every man can attain this divine state and encouraged all to manifest it.

    The rich capacity of your name, Seva Randeep Singh, reveals your soul’s gift - that you are filled with God’s light as you fearlessly accept every conflict with selfless humility. Remember with each breath to keep immersed in the profound dedication and warm glow of this blessing. Your oneness with the radiance of the Divine brings a joyful and triumphant spirit of devotional service to the minds and hearts of all those around you. Experience the wonderful sound of your name as it enables you to achieve the highest fulfillment of your soul.


    In metta,

    Yuroun / Seva Randeep Singh

    Yuroun Sound Design