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  • Hello!

    Hello earthlings and otherwise!

    I'l admit i've been lurking around here & there for a bit, but figured would be nice to introduce myself and get a little involved!

    I'm from Canada, though i have spent the bulk of the past 10 years or so in India, among other places. Currently i'm trying to escape Australia before i'm stuck here for the long haul.

    I've been making music for a couple of years here and there (though i have played a few different instruments throughout the years, especially a lot of old time and bluegrass guitar in my youth), being nomadic i produce pretty much all on software (ableton) and headphones, though i do have a Virus TI2 stashed away in Canada i'd love to get back to one of these days....

    I submitted a track for the Jupiter compilation, under the name Lunar 25, maybe some of you heard it already?

    I'm into spacey ambient music with some psy flavour to it, as well as fast psychedelic music (forest, dark psy, hitech), for me these genres are pushing electronic music in interesting ways and i love music that creates space.

    I work professionally as an animator.. i've worked on many big release titles for TV, movies, games, VFX over the past 13 years or so, as well as a bit of teaching in University/College. I've also spent a pretty hefty amount of my time between jobs being homeless living out of a cave or a van, rock climbing every day... these days i like the balance that with working on my own projects and music more and have been getting really into projection mapping.

    Nice to meet you, and hope to catch you around... i foresee plenty of time working away on music in the coming months. ;)

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    Hi Psyrat! Welcome out of the shadows. Listening as I write a very pleasant, floaty track! By what you´re writing here, you might wanna check out my latest project too. Nice to meet you and hope to see you around!


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      welcome and enjoyh :-)


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        Thanks for the welcome guys! Thanks for sharing your project Jan, its sounding awesome!! It's up my alley for sure!