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Here we go! Back again with another entry in the Ambient Online Compilation series. These compilations are very special and have reached so many people. It's great to see to some new faces participating in them as well! Excited to hear what you guys come up with this time around. Ready? Let's do this! SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS:
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Hello from the sticks...

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  • Hello from the sticks...

    Well, after being involved as a o-called 'musician' in a late 1960's -early 1970's band I got involved in all kinds of weird that did not work out/fell apart/blown up or what have you I ended up as a PSW in a hospital in London ON...which then went into doing full time work as a PSW in a private agency, which then lead to a QA position for said agency...into a HR mgmt position....aarrrggh!!:omg::nuts::confused:

    I needed something to get mine head straightened out with something so I ended up at KVR after a dang heart attack bringing forth a cardiac arrest scenario came here I be...:omg:

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    Whoa, CRAZY!!! Another one of our fellow wandering souls from planet earth finds their way to ambient online. Awesome!!!

    Welcome to the club! :cool:
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      I hope things are looking up for you. My best friend had a minor heart-attack a couple of years ago. He has to take medication and have periodic tests now, but has got his cholesterol levels way down. It also involved a lot of dietary changes, but he seems to be ok now.
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        Hi trimph1.

        Or do you want us to call you by your real name?

        Let's hope you have your heart and other health concerns licked. Twenty years ago my dad had a major heart attack, and he was only given a year to live. He goes in to have his defibrillator changed next month. ;)

        So-called musician. Yup, that's what I'd call myself, too, but at least we enjoy working with music, and that's the important part.

        BTW, I think your cat ate your 'S' key. :lol:


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          Welcome to the site! I see we both have black N white cats! That is most grand! Also sorry to hear about your heart troubles, I certainly hope that improves for you over time.
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            think the first LP's I bought were Abraxis, Axis Bold as Love, Ummagumma and Court of the Crimson I can kind of guess where you have come from.

            Kids at high school thought me and my music was barking mad. Took a few more years to find like minded souls.In those days 'trends' used to arrive out here on the outer rim, from the US and Europe really slowly, as if by row boat. All changed now.


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              Welcome trimph1, I see you are a moderator already!