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Greetings from Matt from Belgrade, Serbia

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  • Greetings from Matt from Belgrade, Serbia

    dear 'ambient online' forum members,

    it is a pleasure to be here. writing from Belgrade, Serbia. digitally, just dropped by from

    i am passionate about everything related to sound.

    also, i love sharing ideas and am always excited for new professional opportunities within the field of multimedia.

    my main thing is audio post-production work for films and various visuals.
    for the past couple of years, i have been posting CC Attribution licensed .wav audio recordings from around the world and sound design excerpts, as well as some Serbian ethno music improvisations. recently, on i have started a new online sample-pack 'named Belgrade_in_binaural' which i am very excited about. constantly adding new ambiences and atmospheres from around Belgrade, my hometown, and my country in general.
    i have been and am still posting under username 'Tomlija'....
    you are most welcome to check it out here:

    ...for the latest audio post-work and field CC Attribution licensed recordings and updates, drop by my page here:

    Hoping for an amazing learning experience.

    Thanks y'all for the warm welcome,
    Muchas Regards,
    Dorcol, Belgrade

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    would love to hEAR from ya!

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    Welcome Matt!

    We always love new contributors around here! Especially sound artists. Make yourself at home. You'll find some VERY friendly people around here.

    Cheers and welcome to ambient online,
    Synphaera Records
    Space | Time | Matter


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      Što kažu, "u fulu te našao"! :D
      would love to hEAR from ya!