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  • Hello!

    New here, found this forum from the a-o podcast posted thought maybe it'd be cool to check out the forums.

    Here is a link to my soundcloud if interested:

    Anyone else using modular for ambient creations?

    What reverbs are you liking? I'm right now stuck in DSP4000, got a quadraverb too, but rarely use it.

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    welcome to the forums! currently listening to "A Stroll Along the Frequency Jetty at Pier 444" - if the panning continues in this fashion, I might have problems finishing this post - but in all seriousness, some wonderful sounds from that modular ! Your setup might warrant another topic - no modular here, but very interested.

    What reverbs...I think I'll wander of and create a new thread - great topic! I like to use different reverbs for different songs - I dig my quadraverb once in a while - heavy duty plugins include Valhalla Room & Uhbik - A.
    Once again welcome, looking forward to continuing these discussions with you :thumbsup:


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      Reverbs are so important might as well! =) I was using lexicon native plug on some of the earlier stuff. I realized how damn important reverbs are to me and went the eventide plunge. I loved the space, but traded it off for some gear. Replaced that with an Eventide H3000...awesome stuff! I really miss it. I then decided to replace it with the dsp4000, amazing effects, although not as warm as the h3000 which has a great hardware sound. I really went hardware to avoid those annoying pops and clicks. I never seemed to be able to avoid it, also there was considerable delay, so while using it as an integrated part of sound design with changing knobs the delay would throw me off, even if a millisecond. I know people think that's almost not discernable, but while playing I can *feel* it.

      heh, a little too much panning ?:-)

      Modular stuff I think is great for creating interesting atmosphers. I'm using a serge/hybrid system. It's got three multimode filters,a sequencer, 3 low pass gates, 3 vcas, 2 envelopes, 1 lfo, 2 oscillators, 2 mixers, and some weirdo modules, so lots of capabilities for timbral variation, just about the last i think 15 tracks i did are all this system with an electrix repeater for looping, dsp4000 for the effects loop, gotta fix up my space echo and put that in too. I'm trying to get it all into a portable case for live stuff = )


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        Very cool! - I have a lot of reverbs, but not really of Eventide calibre - I went and opened a reverb thread in "Ambient Theories & Methods". See you there...



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          reverb for life
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