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  • hi

    Hi, my name is Zach Zinn, I make music that might be loosely categorized as ambient/noise, but to be honest, i'm not much for the genre-obsession thing.

    I'm a big fan of older noisy stuff like Illusion of Safety, Zoviet*France, Nocturnal Emissions. I really like Space, Kraut Rock, uncategorizable noise like Fushitsusha and Keiji Haino, modern composition, and Dark Ambient. I also greatly enjoy traditional Eastern Music and Ritual-based music in general.

    I'm approaching 40 now and it's really thrilling the way this sort of music taken off in the last 15 years or so, as well as how ridiculously easy it is now to share and collaborate.

    I'm on here to just to look around, hear other people's stuff and possibly find collaborators, I put my links in the Member Releases section for anyone interested.


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    Hi Zach,
    Welcome to the AO community. I think you could classify much of my music as noise, so we have a bit in common. :biggrin: But seriously, this is a great community for learning, sharing, and collaborating. I'm in my mid 50s, and it's crazy how music production has changed in the last 40 years. I'll check out your music in the members area. Thanks for sharing.


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      I am so glad there are folks like yourself who are discovering our little corner on the web. Checking out your music (followed you on SoundCloud) and listening right now...really enjoyable stuff! Reminds me a lot of my friend RabbitSquirrel whom I see is also familiar with your work.

      Looking forward to having you with us!

      Cheers and welcome aboard,
      S1gns Of L1fe
      Patreon | Synphaera | exosphere | YouTube


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        Welcome aboard Zach! I will be checking out your links later tonight. I hope you enjoy participating in AO.


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          Yeah, I did a couple tracks with Rabbitsquirrel, I like his stuff alot. Thanks for the welcome guys, looks like a great little community.