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    When I worked in Oman, I met one of my classmates from school at a darts match.

    Once in Thailand, I met one of my classmates from school in a bar.

    In New York, I met one of my friends from Thailand in a bar.

    I think more of these coincidences occur than people may realise. You just have to be awake to the possibility/eventuality.
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      Hey thanks so much for the amazing welcome.

      Yes really great to meet here people from all over the world as well as neighbors from Reutlingen and Augsburg.

      For sure I will take part in either one or the other discussion and enjoy the familiar atmosphere here.

      I noticed many top-class threads here and I'm going to take advantage of this situation to find new inspiration.

      Currently I'm making an attempt of visualizing some of my tracks using video editing and vj software.
      Is anybody here experienced in creating music videos clips?

      Wishing you all a great weekend!