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  • Hi there...

    Hello, all. My name is Michael Carlson, and I create music under the moniker of “remst8”. While I don’t make ambient music exclusively, most of my recent work has been drone-driven ambient. I recently heard (and enjoyed!) the Ambient Online podcast that Ajna shared on SoundCloud, so thought I would check it out. This seems like a rich community where I can lose hours and hours of time (even if it’s mostly lurking).

    I dabble in whatever spare time I can muster, so my output is smallish and sporadic:

    Within EP - Name your price--and $0 is perfectly okay.
    vLive.0 - Recording of a live performance--free download.
    SoundCloud - Works in progress and older stuff--nearly all available for free download.

    I look forward to learning from you all and enjoying your music…and hopefully contributing something back.

    remst8 -

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    Hello and welcome! :highfive:
    SoundCloud // FreeSound // Twitter
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      Well hello! Welcome! :biggrin:


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        Welcome - you'll find this is a very friendly site
        My new album "Exeunt Omnes" is available now, here:
        Check out my (hopelessly out-of-date) SoundCloud page:


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            Hello remst8, welcome aboard the spaceship m8, yeh you can most certainly lose hours and hours of time here, its a great community, friendly to, so you will meet sum great people/musicians along the way, you may even pick up a few idea's, I know I have ;)

            Enjoy your flight :wave:
            life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say



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              Thank you all for the warm welcome! :thumbsup:
              remst8 -


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                  Right on!

                  Checking out your music on SoundCloud right now and downloading your EP...this is fantastic! You are definitely going to fit in here...loving this! :D

                  Cheers and welcome to ambient online!
                  S1gns Of L1fe
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                    Cool - thanks, S1gns! You're welcome to use anything you wish for the podcast. :cool:
                    remst8 -


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                      Listening to Bifringence on your Soundcloud stream right now. You should definitely give our One Sample Dare challenge a go!



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                        Your recommendation is spot-on - thanks! I had already found that forum and began working on my entry for #10 last night. :D That's definitely right down my alley and I'm excited to give it a go.

                        I may not always be able to create something I feel is worth sharing, but that recurring challenge should help me build up a habit of working on music on a more regular basis--something that will certainly benefit me.
                        remst8 -


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                          Originally posted by remst8 View Post
                          ...but that recurring challenge should help me build up a habit of working on music on a more regular basis--something that will certainly benefit me.
                          That goes for me too. In a big way!!