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hi peoples ;p

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  • hi peoples ;p

    Hello, im rebir (name was recommended by a friend and i couldn't think of anything better). i just started making ambient (if what im actualy making counts as ambient) but have been producing edm since about september last year.

    so thats about it, just another guy trying to become good at ambient, i will leave you with my first completed attempt at ambient, hopfully it isnt too bad. ;p

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    Yeah definitely interesting! There are many noise/drone artists here so you will definitely find yourself at home.

    Glad you made it to the party...welcome and enjoy your stay.

    S1gns Of L1fe
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      welcome that track is pretty intense & there is some crazy panning...I'm looking forward to hearing more...


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        Hello Rebir, welcome to Ambient Online m8, am just listening to your track now, its definitely got plenty happening, really like that gritty sound were it fades in around 00:29, nicely done, good idea to, also really like how the song keeps changing and something really different plays, interesting stuff, but my favourite part is starting around 2:40, really surreal stuff, if this is your first attempt, then all I can say is you will definitely be welcomed with open arms in here.

        Refreshing stuff
        Hope you enjoy your stay here :tu:

        oh btw, check out the Podcast's third from left at the top of this page
        ....its music made from the members here at Ambient Online
        maybe you could submit some of your music to a future Podcast sometime.
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          thanks guys, im sure i will enjoy my time here.