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  • Hello Ambient Online!

    I am David Gordon, a.k.a. OneAmbient4 on, and reside in Virginia, USA. I started actively producing ambient, space ambient, drone, and electronica tracks about 9 months ago, after I had recovered from a trip to a hospital. I have always been interested in electronic music since the early 1970's (just told my age...), and really wanted to do it but the cost of a Moog back then was out of reach. Now, I am finding that with the addition of VSTi's, a modest computer and a MIDI/USB keyboard, I could FINALLY enjoy producing what I enjoyed listening to. With the help of several online users, Ivan Black, Translunar, Carbonite On Mars, and by my fans like JMJ, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd and others, I was finally able to get started. My background in music is not the best. I took piano lessons as a youth, played the clarinet some, and then started playing the Native American flute which I have several. My electronic music production consist of MANY VSTi's, a USB/MIDI keyboard and this laptop. I am looking forward to expanding in the future as time and funds allow. Until then, enjoy my music tracks on SoundCLoud.

    -- OneAmbient4

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    Hi - welcome to the forum - I think you'll find out this is a great place for all things ambient! - Looking forward to your contributions - I'll have a listen to your tracks on soundcloud!


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      Hello OneAmbient4.

      Welcome aboard :tu:
      life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say


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        Welcome to Ambient Online! This is a nice place to hang out, learn, and have fun!
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          Hi, thank you very much for the welcome. I got the tip to the site from Ivan Black and I'm very happy. All my production is mainly for fun. My songs are now in digital format only on Soundcloud and now several on Hearthis. CD that I made was only for family and close friends - just limited his own expense. Actively devoted to music for about 5 years and 4 years of percussion electronic music - mostly ambient. I use Ableton Live with instruments, various VST, NI Machine, Kaosilator KORG, ROLAND HPD 20 and analog Access Virus Ti Snow. My English is very bad, I'm better at it perhaps German. For English and understand a little bit, but I do not speak, and all the text rather checking over Translator :-). Thank you very much - I look forward to.

          Milan - Night Note


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            Great to have you with us.

            As you'll see (or probably have seen already) this place is crawling with talent. There is tons to learn and share about here...

            Enjoy your stay and welcome aboard!

            S1gns Of L1fe
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              Thank you very much.

              Yes excellent web and great community. Looking forward, glad to help and advise if it is in my possibilities.
              (More about but I learn, discover everything yourself just intuitively.)

              Thanks. Milan