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Hello from Portland, OR

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  • Hello from Portland, OR

    Just discovered this forum and thought I'd stop by to say hi. I've been a musician for a very long time, doing a variety of genres, but I am trying to explore more of the ambient guitar style and am hoping to learn and contribute to these forums. Here is my recent attempt at an ambient guitar track (consisting of several guitar parts utilizing the Strymon blueSky reverb, the Empress Effects SuperDelay and an Ebow.)
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    Hey man,

    Listening to your track as I type this, it's REALLY good. I have heard such good things about the blueSky and this confirms those reports. Such lush atmosphere...some seriously good tones. Your music fits right in here...

    Glad you're willing to contribute. Welcome aboard!

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      Welcome! Will check out this track this evening when I can pay attention ;)
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        Thanks guys. I do hope to receive some more comments/critiques on the track here; trying to find a new direction to take my music to...
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