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Greetings from the Pacific Northwest

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  • Greetings from the Pacific Northwest

    Hello everyone - I found this forum today, and am pleased to be a new member! I have been around synths since the mid-80's. My interests are ambient, drone, 20th Century avant-garde, RIO, psychedelia, improvisation, etc. I was fairly active in the Santa Cruz CA scene long ago, but have been somewhat reclusive since moving to the PNW. I can be found on the usual forums: GS, Muffs, KVR, and now here!

    I had my first modular in the late 80's and used to gig with a large Serge System back when nobody cared about such things. Like many, I have too much gear, and am aways looking for more! It's a curse and a blessing.

    Here is a song from my CD 13 Drones - enjoy!

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    Wow, excellent!

    Really glad you found are amongst your people now. Listening to your track as I type this, definitely drone worthy!

    Welcome aboard, and have a look around...

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      Welcome to AO That's a good, powerful piece of music you got there ;)
      My new album "Exeunt Omnes" is available now, here:
      Check out my (hopelessly out-of-date) SoundCloud page:


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        welcome - and let us know what gear you have on the gear thread - always nice to read


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          Welcome! That's a powerful piece. It took me back to a brooding, overcast morning at the ancient juncture of sea and earth. I miss that here in Colorado. Thank you!
          Only dead fish go with the flow.


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            Ha, saw the thread and instantly thought of:


            Cool group.

            But not very ambient.

            Welcome aboard!
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              greetings from Belgium man ;-)


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                Hey guys!

                We were really glad to stumble across this forum. It great to see a dedicated place to the music we enjoy and love every day. We posted a thread a few days ago kind of introducing our label and putting our latest release out there ( Basically, we are a small indie label that release mainly ambient/drone/experimental, occasionally delving into the world of bass music, but only the deep, dark kind.

                We are looking for people with websites or blogs that review music as we only have less than a handful of outlets. Would anyone be interested in writing reviews for our releases as we'd love the feedback and for the artists we release to get as much publicity as possible. We are a non-profit label and we do this for the love of it and are looking for like-minded people. Hit us up on our facebook or soundcloud or whatever if you'd be intereset, or better yet just reply to us on here!

                Thanks for reading guys, much appreciated. We're looking forward to our journey on here!

                Black Hymn Records.

                a net-label based in the south of england releasing alternative/ambient/electronic/indie/music.


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                  Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! As you know, some of these forums are less than accommodating. I think ambient is one of the more cooperative genres around...