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Hello from David Smith (The Oxford Ambient Collective)

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  • manducator
    Welcome, David.

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  • windspace
    Welcome! I'm glad you've joined. I look forward, as I'm sure we all do, to your participation. Cheers!

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  • Heaven And Hell
    Welcome, David!

    I hope you enjoy your stay here. We have a wonderful group of people here and a very friendly atmosphere.

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  • S1gnsOfL1fe
    Hi David!!!

    First of all, welcome to the forum!!! Sounds like you've got a wealth of electronic music production experience to bring to the table which is awesome to hear! I'm like you...I believe the iPad has tons of potential in the music making department and we have only begun to see what tablet computing is truly capable of. Very exciting times ahead.

    Looking forward to having you with us!!!



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  • Hello from David Smith (The Oxford Ambient Collective)

    Hi all,

    I found out about this site from ho66it (via a message in Soundcloud). I think the idea of an ambient based forum such as Ambient Online is a fantastic idea.

    Just to introduce my self I have been producing music for nearly ten years now (I probably started quite late in life - early 30s). I started off creating music on an an old PC, originally in some tracker software called Buzz and then moving onto FL Studio and Reason. Ambient is my main passion, though I do occasionally move into areas such as Techno and DnB (albeit still with an ambient slant).

    About nearly four years I stopped creating music as I literally ran out of ideas and decided that the best way round this was to not bother. However about a year and a half ago I purchased my IPad and the ideas have not stopped. I know that some think that the IPad is an exepensive toy but I think it has immense potential since I have been using it some truly awesome apps have come out.