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  • Hi from Slatemass

    I was invited by S1gnsOfL1fe.

    I'm a long-time music collector and general music fan of many genres. A few years ago, I rekindled some old friendships and started and sing in a Punk n' Roll band (just for fun) with some folks from the way back days. In June of 2012, I got my iPad and started exploring IOS synth apps and took to it quickly and have been having a ton of fun ever since. I was laid up for most of the summer waiting for and recovering from some surgery (I'm much better now) and had a lot of free time. I never considered myself a musician (not that i care about labels) but I have no formal training and like the freedom that the apps give me to explore and build sounds.

    Anyway, I started to post my stuff on soundcloud and have built a bit of a community there. It seems to be the season of community building as I also chair the volunteer board for a local festival, The Matlock Festival of Music, Art, and Nature started by my friends.

    Happy to be here and looking forward to the sharing and learning from other members.

    Steve (Slatemass)

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    Hi Slatemass! Welcome aboard.
    Only dead fish go with the flow.


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      Welcome! I had a quick look on your soundcloud page - I don't have the time to listen now...but that tag 'ambient funk' definitely caught my eye...will check it out later!


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        Dude, your stuff on SoundCloud is so avant-garde...I knew you'd fit right in here!!! You're definitely on the bleeding edge of iPad music making and I'm sure many of the users here (myself included) will be benefiting from your expertise!!! :tu:

        Cheers and welcome!

        S1gns Of L1fe
        Patreon | Synphaera | exosphere | YouTube


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          Welcome, Steve!

          It seems that mobile music apps are coming into an age of their own and maturing nicely. At first I thought they were just toys, but people are starting to create wonderful works of art with them.

          I need to check yours!

          Make yourself at home here on Ambient Online.


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            Thanks for the nice welcome Dax. Must be the influence around here because I just bought a used m-audio Axiom 25 midi controller. My 2nd piece of hardware as I also have an Alesis IODock (so I can jam with my friends). Now, I'll I have to do is figure out how to use it; still can't find the program button.