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  • Hello, bonjour, guten Tag...

    Hi all!

    I've been recommended to join this forum - looks quite an interesting and informative place! Looking forward to reading and learning; as well as meeting you all and checking out some of your sounds

    My name's Simon and I'm from Tamworth, right in the middle of England. I'm quite a music nut and listen to quite a variety - from the Quiet Music of Steve Roach to the nowhere-near-as-quiet music of Ritchie Blackmore and Jeff Beck. In my spare time, I do like creating ambient/electronic music - something I've done on-and-off for about ten years or so - as and when the kids let me, of course :sigh2:.

    And so, onward....!

    All the best,


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    Welcome! - listening to your music as I type. Hope you find this place agreeable. Looking forward to hearing more from you.


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      Alright Si! :D



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        Welcome to AO, Simon. I hope you enjoy time at AO.
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          @Phoenstorm - Thanks for listening to my music and following on Soundcloud... and the warm welcome, of course
          @RikkiSho - Don't I know you from somewhere?
          @Seismic1 - Thanks - I'm sure I will!


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            Yes. Everywhere. I am omnipotent.


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              Right on. Really glad someone - whoever that was, told you to check out the forum! The method of currency around these parts is supporting each other, positivity, and contributions. You seem to have all of those nailed down so far so I'm sure you'll do just fine.

              Welcome aboard!


              p.s. I also wanted to say that I'm listening to Skylight right now via SoundCloud...and it's awesome! Fantastic work. You are among your people now... ;)
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                Glad to see you joining us!


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                  Welcome to AO! Gonna go listen to your soundcloud this morning. Great to have you aboard

                  EDIT: Listened to a few of your pieces and one word comes to mind...WOW!
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                    Hello Mr BoingBoing - welcome to the ambient spaceship m8 - your in the right place for reading and learning.

                    Hope you enjoy your stay here :tu:
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                      Hallo and welcome! I suspect you'll fit right in.. they even let ME in here!

                      I wish SoundCloud wasn't blocked at work.. will put on some of your tracks when I get home, music to guzzle Guinness to!

                      *edit* Very nice music, I like!
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                        Thanks again for all your warm welcomes

                        I must admit that, even though I've only been a member for a few days, I'm quite liking the atmosphere. There's not only a lot of knowledge here, but also a lot of respect between members.

                        @RikkiSho - thanks for recommending this site!


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                          Will be glad to hear some of your work