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  • Greetings from Duckett

    Hi all,

    I'd wandered over here out of curiosity whilst perusing KVR, glad I did... I've always had a fascination with sound in general, as well as music-
    and where the line of distinction between the two gets blurry is always interesting territory to explore.

    Any of you who've ever wandered by since 2007 might find my name ringing a vague bell, that's where most of my sonic tinkering has been inflicted
    on an unsuspecting public.

    As I've grown older, my listening patience has grown as well- and though I'd found ambient works catching my interest from time to time in my younger years,
    it's only been relatively recently that I've really started to delve more deeply into it.

    I've been reading posts and listening to members' tracks, and I'm really enjoying not only the sounds and thoughts expressed, but also the overall vibe of Ambient Online (plus it's still got that new-forum smell!)

    Looking forward to spending time here, hopefully I'll make some new friends and maybe even get some collaborations happening
    "Critics can’t stand these records, by and large, because in their search for eternal adolescence, they still want it all to be spunky and manic and witty."
    -Brian Eno

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    Welcome! :D

    It's great to see new members joining! I don't think i have ever been to so I might just have to drop by and look you up. I can relate to how your listening patience changes as you get older, I don't really remember liking ambient music as much as I do now. It is a very broad subject and there is so much to learn about !

    We are also looking forward to the future of Ambientonline as well! Our leader Dax is a wonderful forum admin and is making rapid changes to this place (Im sure even as we speak).

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      You're right, we've still got that new forum smell but we're are brimming with positive vibes and creative energy. Really excited to have your experience and knowledge brought to the table.

      Cheers man!!! Welcome to Ambient Online.

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        Welcome Duckett! Look forward to hearing more from you. My interest in ambient music has increased with my age as well, and more recently than not I have begun to explore producing it. I hope you will post some examples of your work and I'll make time to swing by as well. Cheers!
        Only dead fish go with the flow.


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          Welcome, Duckett!

          That new forum smell...I like that. :D But we plan to be here a long, long time.

          I haven't heard of, but I'll check it out.

          Feel free to add any of your tracks that you'd like to our Ambient Online SoundCloud group if you have a SoundCloud account.

          Most of all, enjoy your stay, and we hope to see you in the discussions!