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Greetings from Big Sky Country!

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  • Greetings from Big Sky Country!

    Hi! I'm Paul, and I go by the name Cloudwalk for my ambient electronic projects. I kept hearing a lot of great things about this community from Relaxed Machinery and other places, so I thought I would join in.
    I live in Billings, Montana, and I've been working with electronic music and nylon string guitar for well over 20 years. Music and recording are passionate hobbies, that, like many of you, I've strived to find time for and bring into some fruition. Last November, I was thrilled to finally release my first album, Skyscapes, and, in December, I performed my first live electronic show as Cloudwalk. I've got a lot more to explore and learn, but I'm enjoying it more every day! I've got more albums in the works, and hopefully, more live performances as well. If you like, check out my Bandcamp page. I would love the feedback!

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    Welcome to AO!


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      Well right on! Glad the word is getting out there about the site. RM and AO are sister-sites anyway: many of our members roam between the two.

      Checking out your music right now...listening to Rising Currents...this is gorgeous!

      Welcome aboard,
      Synphaera Records
      Space | Time | Matter


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        Welcome Paul! Glad to see you made your way here.

        Edit: Listening to the album now. It's really lovely!! I regret that I missed it before:s
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          Thanks everyone for the welcome! And thank you S1gns and Windspace for listening! I know that in the past I've heard tracks from the both of you via RM and they were very enjoyable!