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  • hello form western canada

    Hey all,

    i've been exploring some more music lately from the ambient/left field side of the musical spectrum, so i figured this would be a good place to sign up! I'm an Ableton user and am always interested in new techniques on sound design and learning how other people approach their productions. My setup is pretty bare bones right now, but I'm hoping to start building up a bit of a studio and get some new gear to play with. Looking forward to checking out new music and getting some collaborations going.


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    We are all pros here, so we only allow ProTools users.


    I am kidding of course.

    Welcome to AO!


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      Welcome to AO! You'll find folks here who create ambient music using rigs that range from items rescued from pawn shops and flea markets to full on studio setups the rest of us drool over. We all have in common though a love of ambient music and a creative spirit. So you've arrived with everything you need really


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        welcome...ableton is just fine for ambient. all the in-built time-stretch algorithms...I think it's really good as a toolbox for sounddesign...looking forward to listening to some of your stuff!


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          Hi! Western Canada is great. I went to Vancouver in February and it was nicer than the Southeast is during February...until the sun goes down, that is. Then, you're back to extreme cold. I want to go back. Vancouver is pure awesome for any artist, but photographers and ambient artists especially. Those mountains! That water! The higher alcohol percentage in that Canadian beer!


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            Apologize for my belated greeting!

            Nice to see you around here. Hope to see you posting again soon!

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