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  • Greetings

    My name is Eric. I'm from Austin, Texas USA and work under the names Massergy and Tonauac. Both projects can be found on SC. Tonauac is a brand new project and covers dark ambient, experimental and drone--tracks will begin appearing soon. Massergy is more traditionally-based ambient and is my main project.

    Very happy to be here.

    Massergy - Spotted Peccary Music

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    Hi Eric!!!!

    First of all, welcome!!! I am such a huge fan of your work. Back when we first started ambient online we started a thread of any good free ambient to listen to and yours was the FIRST one I thought of! Your music is inspiring to me personally and I'm really excited to be able to have the rest of the group benefit from having you around.

    Cheers man!!! Welcome aboard. :tu:

    S1gns Of L1fe
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      Greetings, Eric! Great to have you aboard! So you're the mysterious Tonauac who just started following me. Can't wait to hear some dark ambient/drone work from you - I'm a huge fan of your Massergy stuff, one of my favourite finds since signing up joining Soundcloud! Count me as another excited forumer to benefit from your presence around here.

      (Looks like you have made fanboys of S1gns and I...)
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        Welcome Eric,
        I look forward to checking out your work on Soundcloud!
        Only dead fish go with the flow.


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          Thank you, Chris. Hope I can add something to the forum.


          I really do perform and record everything outdoors. My "studio" set-up overlooks a heavily wooded area. Other than the occasional plane flying overhead, it's very quiet out here. Cold--but quiet.
          Massergy - Spotted Peccary Music


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            Hey, Retnuh. Really cool to see you here. I wish you continued success on Soundcloud.
            Massergy - Spotted Peccary Music


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              Greetings and salutations, Eric! Welcome to AO!

              I'll check out your SC stuff in a bit here.